Kid Solar issue 1 (Digital)

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Kid Solar issue 1 is a 32 page, action packed, rollercoaster of an origin story! NO ADS OR FILLERS! 

Don't let the name fool you, this title is not for children. With comics like Invincible being a major influence, there will be blood and occasional explicit language. The story takes place in the crime riddled city of Springfield, Massachusetts. Main character Sam Myers is just your average poor black kid growing up in poverty. Raised by his single mother, Sam aka Kid has been the man of the house since a young age. 

Kid solar is a modern take on the classic superhero trope. The story of an African American teenager who is granted incredible powers and his struggle to come to terms with them while trying to find his place in the world. Follow Sam on this journey as he becomes the hero his city may not want but needs, while still battling everyday obstacles of a poor African American Teen. 

Kid Solar will have a sense of realism; bringing the reader closer to the characters! What makes Kid Solar different is this story brings a unique perspective to superhero comics. The story of an inner city kid that may not choose the path everyone wants. How many 16 year olds you know wouldn't abuse their power if they became a superhero? However, no matter the path taken, there will be triumph, defeat, celebrations, and loss. Along the way, there will be action packed fight scenes with original villains. And yes, there will be BLOOD! AGAIN, THIS STORY SHOULD NOT BE READ BY CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 13. THERE IS BLOOD, GUN-VIOLENCE, AND OCCASIONAL EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.